Mandy Rother

I believe that we are all fundamentally healthy. But when we’re overwhelmed by debilitating symptoms, it’s easy to see our bodies as broken. My mission is to help my clients go beyond symptom relief and to re-discover true health and wellbeing.

How I got started

Behind every passion, there’s a story. My wellness story started with significant digestive issues as a child that landed me at the doctor’s office countless times with no clear answers. Later as a young adult I struggled with mood and hormone issues that disrupted my life, every single month. As I started to notice the impact that exercise, food, and mindset had on my own health, I decided to pursue a career that allowed me to connect these dots for my clients as well.

Fascinated with the connection between the mind and body, I studied both nutrition and psychology. After completing my undergraduate education at Concordia College Moorhead, I went to Pennsylvania State University for my dietetic internship. I started my career as a dietitian over 10 years ago in the supermarket industry and also spent time working oversees in the Middle East at a weight loss spa. However, I finally felt at home in my career when I transitioned to the health and wellness industry about 7 years ago. My eyes opened to the power of functional nutrition when I started exploring deeper solutions to my own health issues. Since then, I’ve devoted countless hours to studying integrative and functional nutrition therapy over the last four years.

In my last position I led the nation’s top dietitians for a premier fitness and wellness company and served as the go-to dietitian for VIP lab reviews and complex cases. I’ve reviewed thousands of lab assessments and what I loved most about that was cutting out the guesswork and create a plan unique to their physiology.

Why I love what I do

What fuels me as a practitioner are those “aha” moments when my clients understand why they feel the way they do and finally have hope for relief. The second is seeing that transformation of health in action—the type of change that can only occur when we combine a root-cause approach with personalized nutrition. It’s that moment when my client says, “Wow, so this is how I am supposed to feel!”  No matter what brings you here, please know this first: you deserve to feel your best. I know navigating the world of nutrition can be daunting. The amount of conflicting information is enough to make your head spin. Together, we’ll uncover the underlying issues driving your symptoms and create an actionable plan specific to you. In place of quick fixes, we can harness the power of whole foods and specialized supplements to transform your body from the inside out. It starts with me listening to you. We’ll then create a comprehensive step-by-step plan together.

On a more personal note

I believe in getting real with my clients—I’m not perfect and don’t expect them to be either. As a busy working mom of an energetic preschooler and a teenage stepson, I totally get the challenges that come with a sometimes chaotic family and work life. And don’t worry—as an average cook (at best) myself, we’ll focus on quick and easy recipes to support your nutrition plan.

When I’m not serving my clients, I feed my soul with family time, music, and movement. I start my days with morning snuggles from my husband and kiddos and a quick meditation to focus my mind. I feel most alive whenever music is involved, whether it’s playing violin with an orchestra, listening to punk rock in the weight room, or dancing salsa (that’s how I met my husband!). And while I love a good mystery novel, you’re just as likely to find me reading research articles or attending functional medicine courses. I know the more I learn, the better I can support my clients in their pursuit of optimal health.

When it comes to working with clients, no two plans are ever identical.  Every person is unique and has different needs.  But I do believe that every person needs three things to create behavior change that lasts a lifetime: knowledge, self-confidence, and a REASON to change.

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