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Nick began his breathwork journey after discovering the Wim Hof Method (WHM) in February of 2020. He began practicing deep conscious breathing and deliberate cold exposure during the Covid lockdown, and in January of 2022, he went to Poland to complete his certification as a Level 1 instructor. After his certification, he began running WHM workshops around the Midwest to introduce participants to breathwork and cold exposure. Recently, Nick also became Oxygen Advantage certified and now helps clients with Functional Breathing and CO2 Tolerance training. He started FoxFire Breathworks in the Fall of 2023 to bring breathwork, cold exposure, and sauna to people in the Midwest. All his classes and offerings can be found at 

Before becoming a full-time Pulmonaut, Nick taught Philosophy, History, and Art at both the high school and college level for ten years. He is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve, and spends his summers training cadets at the Military Academy in West Point, NY. When he’s not playing Army, he’s reading and drawing with his young kids. He lives in Minneapolis.