Tiffany Mullen

Visit website: Long before Dr. Tiffany Mullen founded Vytal Health, she was a frustrated physician and an even more frustrated patient. A life-long struggle with an autoimmune disease (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) gave Tiffany the opportunity to experience the medical world firsthand. And the patient experience left a lot to be desired. Motivated by this, she decided to pursue a career as a family physician. Now that Dr. Tiffany was on the other side of the stethoscope, she could see that the problems in the health care system were part of the reason why her experience as a patient was lacking. Rushed, transactional office visits, where the usual outcome was a prescription (or many prescriptions) seemed to Dr. Tiffany a very short-sighted approach to healing. She imagined that spending time with patients, offering them nutritional and lifestyle support, really digging into their health issues, would go a long way to actually solving many health conditions. Dr. Tiffany pursued additional training in integrative and functional medicine and gained the skills necessary to provide the kind of care she herself wanted as a patient: personalized, holistic, collaborative, root-caused focused. Armed with this approach, she founded Vytal Health in 2018. Based in Milwaukee, WI, Vytal Health is a virtual group of dedicated, compassionate integrative, functional, and naturopathic physicians that help patients from across the country finally solve health problems and feel well again. All of the physicians were selected specifically by Dr. Tiffany to provide the best integrative, functional, and naturopathic care via telehealth, no matter where you are in the US. Vytal Health helps you choose the best physician for you, and surrounds you with a talented and caring team, including not only your personal physician but also a functional nutritionist and health coach. To book an initial consultation or learn more please visit: