Brooke Radermacher

Health & Wellness Coach

During my nine years as a health coach, I have grown a passion for helping people enjoy their lives the fullest- and I believe that happens when we are feeling our healthiest!

I am a certified Health & Wellness Coach, have a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education, and a Master’s degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition.

I have a deep love for good food, and believe it is so much more than energy for our bodies. So in my free time, you’ll often find me in my kitchen making from-scratch foods, baking sourdough bread and goodies for my family, or spending time sharing my food with friends and family! I also enjoy quiet moments to myself, growing an abundant vegetable garden in the summertime, making memories with my kids, and having deep conversations to connect with people. Connection and conversation (especially around good food) lead me to my favorite memories!

When it comes to working with clients, no two plans are ever identical. Every person is unique and has different needs. But I do believe that every person needs three things to create behavior change that lasts a lifetime: knowledge, self-confidence, and a reason to change. I can’t wait to work with you ☺

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