“My husband and I have been working with Cindi for several months. She has played a significant role in guiding us towards better health and well-being. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and makes a great team with our doctor. Her style is wonderfully sensitive and supportive as she worked with us to set achievable goals. When we hit some temporary setbacks, she helped us explore what was underlying the problem and determine the adjustments that might help resolve it. She has been consistently quick to respond to questions between our sessions. Cindi is an incredibly valuable resource and we would highly recommend her.”

Paula & Jeff W.

“I began working with Cindi after a recommendation from my integrative medicine physician. I had been feeling sluggish, with some brain fog and generally low energy, which is why I went to the doctor. After testing, I learned that I had a parasite and wasn’t digesting food properly. I had been experiencing bloating, constipation was a long term problem and I often felt over full, even after eating a small amount. Cindi was instrumental in helping me recover my energy, improve my sleep and bloating and constipation were a thing of the past. Her advice on diet and supplementation made a huge difference. Cindi’s ability to read and understand my test results was very beneficial as she could work with my doctor. She’s made a huge difference into how I feel and I look forward to our sessions. She’s extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and vitality.”

Cindy J.

“I have been working with Cindi for about two months to run through an elimination diet and generally improve our nutrition. She is very knowledgeable on the subject, clear and well organized and easy/fun to work with. Eliminating certain foods has had a real impact on my health; eliminating heart arrhythmias, improving energy, reducing joint and muscle pain and reducing excess mucous in the sinuses and chest. All that, plus a generally improved mood and the loss of a few pounds.
Cindi has the education and expertise to help me navigate the confusing and shifting world of nutrition.”

Sam M.

“Achieving health is not easy. Nutrition these days can be so confusing. It often seems that the only constant in life’s journey to optimal health is change. Unless you have Cindi Lockhart to help you navigate your personal road to fully functional living.

I first met with Cindi in the Spring of 2016. I was finding that my normally high energy was desperately lacking. My joints ached and were swollen and my GI tract seemed to be anything but functional. With in a few minutes she made some nutritional suggestions that I had never considered and that ended up greatly increasing my quality of life. However, that was just the beginning. What none of us knew in 2016 was that I was infected with intentional worms and parasites. On top of having hashimoto’s disease for 40 years as well as Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) I was experiencing heartburn, daily diarrhea, constant headaches and compounding food intolerances. As a nurse, I always felt I had a handle on how to live a healthy life. I was an endurance athlete, busy mom of 2 and yet I felt like I was struggling to manage life’s demands and constantly felt exhausted. All the doctors I went to listened to my symptoms but their attempts to alleviate them were ineffective.

Not only did Cindi direct me to an amazing doctor (Kathleen Hopkins D.O. at Minnesota Personalized Medicine) but she also worked along side Dr. Hopkins to help me implement the necessary nutritional changes to finally allow my body to heal. Dr. Hopkins diagnosed my problems and Cindi helped me flesh out the detailed steps to finding health after 3 long years of pain and confusion.

Now, 3 years later, I feel better than ever. At 47 I feel better than I did at 27 and  after years of diarrhea my gut is finally healing and feeling functional again. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today were it not for Cindi Lockhart. If you feel like your health is suffering or could use improvement, Cindi will help you practically learn how to obtain YOUR most healthy self. She is scientifically sound and has an amazing  knowledge base of the effects of food on the body. Her years of experience and relatable personality help to take the mystery out of finding functional wellness.

I can confidently say that whatever your health needs are, Cindi Lockhart will exceed your expectations and help you achieve a level of health you’ve never imagined.”

Anne L.

“Partnering with Cindi has brought my patient health outcomes to a level that I’ve never experienced before. She is able to help implement recommended functional treatment plans that include nutrition, movement, sleep, connection, and purpose in a way that is both un-intimidating and sustainable. Her passion for her work and her love for her clients is incredibly energizing to be around. I’m incredibly grateful for her and her work. Thank you Cindi!”

Dr. Kathleen Hopkins, DO, ACOFP, IFMCP

“I met Cindi Lockhart in October 2018.  I was referred to her by my sleep doctor.  Cindi has saved my life and given me back my quality of life.

I had no energy, back pain, joint pain, shortness of breath and extreme obesity which is why I went to the doctor in the first place.  I was dealing with pain and hit rock bottom.  How I dealt with that pain was food.  Food was always my go-to.  Nothing ever gave me that feeling quite like food.  My motivation was my family and especially a beautiful little girl named Hazel.  My granddaughter that will turn 2 years old this month.

I began working with Cindi immediately after meeting her.  Her advice on diet and supplementation made a huge difference.  She’s extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and vitality.  She is well organized and easy/fun to work with.  Cindi is always available to answer even the silliest of questions.  Eliminating certain foods has had a real impact on improving my energy levels, as well as reducing joint and muscle pain.  Cindi has the education and expertise to help me navigate the confusing and shifting world of nutrition.

Now I feel better than ever. At 58 I feel better than I did at 38. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today were it not for Cindi Lockhart.  If you feel like your health is suffering or could use improvement, I can confidently say that whatever your health needs are, Cindi will exceed your expectations and help you achieve a level of health you’ve never imagined.

I recently read an article that shared a reading from Corinthians 5:17: Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old is gone, the new is come.  This scripture really resonated with me.  If I can lose this weight and get healthy, anybody can.”

Jay P.

“I am 25 years old and prior to working with Cindi, I had been dealing with severe IBS and fibromyalgia for about 2.5 years. Gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, fibromyalgia pain, and unrelenting nausea were so debilitating that any resemblance of normal life activity was non-existent and my plans for graduate school were deterred. I have been a patient of many highly regarded doctors, including the Mayo Clinic (where I was diagnosed), and their support and expertise helped reduce some of my symptoms but only for awhile. There were limits in what they could offer me—and my health was still suffering—along with hope for a normal life. Cindi, with her expertise and methods, have given me transformational improvement. My IBS is almost non-existent, my nausea is completely gone, and the fibromyalgia pain and fatigue have improved as well in the short time I have been under her care and guidance.

Cindi is highly intelligent and highly educated -a valued combination in addressing my complex heath conditions. Her knowledge of science and food, along with her ability to specifically identify and bring solutions to my complex health issues is remarkable. Cindi is also warm, caring, and fun! She has been transformational in my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all she has done for me.”

Christina B. Johnson

Cindi changed my life.  I began working with her when I was on the verge of having a colon resection due to chronic diverticulitis and serious intestinal inflammation. My situation was so severe that it appeared surgery to remove part of my colon was going to be my only option, and the likely outcome would be life on a colostomy bag.  The possibility of living the rest of my life dealing with an external colostomy felt devastating because it would interfere with everything that makes me happy – spinning, cycling outdoors, and working out every day.  I was desperate to find another way.

A dear friend, who is a highly regarded fitness professional, urged me to consult with Cindi before meeting with my surgeon to see if there was any hope of avoiding this life altering surgery. She assured me if anyone could find another answer, it was Cindi.

What followed is nothing short of a miracle.  Cindi studied my medical records in detail, consulted with me about my symptoms and desired outcomes, and then created an extensive diet and supplementation plan that I have followed under her careful guidance for 3 months.

The results have been transformative.  Cindi taught me how to pleasantly overhaul my diet and lifestyle which has helped my body heal and restore itself to full health.  I no longer have any symptoms related to the serious issues I was struggling with.  Most stunning is that my surgeon and gastroenterologist have released me from their care.   My doctors are thrilled with the results I’ve been able to achieve under Cindi’s care.

I exuberantly recommend Cindi to anyone seeking to live the healthiest life possible.  She is a true genius in her well-credentialed professions of Functional and Integrative Medicine, Nutrition and Holistic living.  The sincerity and passion she brings to our relationship is completely delightful.  She is as happy about my incredible results as I am.  As a professional coach myself, I have the highest respect for Cindi.  She is truly exceptional and will help you create a life filled with good health and happiness.

Pamela Davies, CPC, ACC Minneapolis

Stress is a trivial word, but it was my biggest poison that I thought I was “thriving” on, until my life came to a halt. Everything from my attitude, reactions, coping mechanisms, schedules, dietary choices, people I chose to compare myself and compete with, and jobs I chose to take on – toxic. My state of being was never at ease; this led to dis-ease. One day, I chose to try yoga on the grass in the summer. This was the innocent trigger that sparked a yearlong nightmare. At first, I thought my itch was due to the grass, the insects, or not being habituated with direct contact in nature. The itch persisted, I began to notice my threshold to stress was diminishing, and within 5-15 seconds of stress, my itch worsened. This itch, accurately described, was like being possessed by an evil force that wanted you to rip the skin from your flesh. This force was Lichen Planus. I wasn’t sure what was scarier; the diagnosis, the prognosis, or the fact that it is “rare”. Googling worsened my symptoms because my vulnerable mind became more instable with mass information that hypochondriacs like me put out of context. Googling literally made me light-headed. I quit my job at the time, because the itch was more relentless than the best motivational video on YouTube. My mother was my saving grace; she kept my sanity. The doctors said “just ride it out”. Do they think I have a mosquito bite? Hearing a passive response from a medical professional made me hopeless. I tried a naturopath, who convinced me she had no idea what she was doing. I had no time for irrelevance and wanted someone with a humble confidence to figure it out together. I made so many phone calls. Either the price of treatment had a vague correlation with the kind of service I would receive or…. people spoke AS IF they have lots of experience with Lichen Planus when I knew they did not. In an effort to heal myself, the more books I read, the more I thanked God I didn’t do a PhD. And guess what? God answered. “I’m Kim, she said. You should call my friend Cindi”.
Cindi was the first person who came across as Genuine, and Promptly Responsive to my Desperate cries for help. With the height of my condition, it was the first time in my life where I wanted God to make my next breath my last. With the itch, nothing could be done peacefully: eating, showering, touching, wearing clothes. I’ve come a long way with Cindi. Apart from helping me control Bacterial Vaginosis, there is no price tag on my biggest accomplishment – Reversing LP. LP leaves its marks. I have stubborn faded brown spots on my skin, much like freckles. I look beautiful in them now. Cindi convinced me she’s the right fit because neither was she “distant”, nor did she brag just to get me in the door. Cindi is OPTIMISTIC, LEVEL-HEADED, RESEARCH-BASED, and subtly taught me to PUT MYSELF FIRST. When you work with Cindi, you don’t have to bother about Dr. Google. She tells you what you need to know. Whatever questions I had for her, she either gave me a researched response, or she was honest to ask for additional information to dispense sound advice. She’s informative enough for you to realize in the first session that you’re in good hands. Her holistic approach involved diet, sleep, stress management, yoga/ exercise methods, high-grade supplements, labs, advice on utensil integrity, ideas of where I can find certain groceries, succinct educational materials posted regularly on Healthie, cross-reactions, research papers, Functional Medicine protocols, and advice on being S.M.A.R.T in the kitchen. She instills accountability. I still refer to her teachings, and do my best to incorporate all that into my lifestyle. Cindi has not given me Temporary Solutions to live by; she’s given me HABITS to abide by. Within 1 year, I got back into the workforce. I’m a changed person now with redefined priorities. I’m more objective in doing what’s best for me without apologies. I envision myself working with Cindi in the future, but for something positive this time around…. like nurturing a child within  Thank you Cindi.

Survivor of Lichen Planus

I recently worked with Cindi toward healthy eating, and resolving food allergy symptoms. She is awesome and went beyond our Q and A to find other answers for me that truly work!! I have had eating problems and tried every elimination diet created by doctors, lay person, dietitians, etc. Cindi hit the problem right away… So thankful, I can eat more, feel better – and I have truly seen the difference food can make when you are having UDR attacks. So grateful!!! Thanks Cindi, and thank you Pilar for introducing us.


I can unequivocally recommend Cindi Lockhart for nutrition counseling, advice and expertise.

As a 25 year colon cancer survivor; I struggled for years with a myriad of digestion problems. I sought help from clinics and academic medical centers, around the U. S.,  such as the esteemed Mayo Clinic. I would improve for a week or two and then my issues would return with a vengeance.

I was considering a permanent diverting ileostomy, after numerous consultations with my gastroenterologist and surgeon. Nothing was working.

I had circled around Cindi’s practice for a year before I reached out for a consultation; believing another nutritionist was not the answer. Finally, as a last ditch effort, I contacted Cindi and began a 6 month digestion re-set.

Through testing, diet journaling and food elimination, Cindi’s professional guidance and advice and  finally a course of antibiotics, I turned my digestive issues around. Today, I remain symptom free. Previously being tied to the nearest restroom, I had stopped doing so many things I loved.

I am very pleased with the work Cindi and I did together, and hope my story inspires you to take back your health, as I did with Cindi’s expertise.

— Leah S.

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Integrative & Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner

I truly believe we need not fall victim to our family’s genetics. Rather, we have the choice and power to direct the destiny of our health and weight, based on the way we eat, move and live our life. I’m here to help you navigate that journey.

Seeing and hearing the results from my clients is what brings me to work every day. There’s nothing better than a client telling me they no longer suffer from the symptoms that plagued them for years and that their healthy journey was so easy and enjoyable.