Initial Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation – $300

A 90-120 minute comprehensive exploration of your life’s journey, pinpointing times when you experienced health challenges and/or specific symptoms, what the potential root causes were, and delivering a personalized wholistic program that covers nutrition, supplementation, exercise, sleep optimization, stress management, and reduction in environmental toxin exposure. You will also receive easy to understand education around HOW your symptoms and body’s function are connected as well as WHY we are implementing the program we are.

Ongoing Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Services

During our initial consultation, we will discuss the 3 phases of your customized program, which are iterative and take time to master 1 phase before graduating to the next phase. There are several options available for ongoing coaching to receive further education, support, guidance, resources, and periodic re-assessments to confirm all your hard work and progress. We have 3 options for this service:

  1. Virtual via Zoom
  2. In person at Cindi or Brooke’s home office
  3. In person at your home (if local to the Twin Cities) – there will be an added charge incurred for travel time

Ongoing 30 min session packages

  • 4 sessions – $300
  • 8 sessions – $560 (discounted)
  • 12 sessions – $810 (discounted)