Gayatri Saldivar



Gayatri has studied the latest research in genomics, functional medicine, and gastrointestinal health. She is an IFNCP credentialed functional medicine dietitian through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy. Registered in the state of California, Gayatri holds a BS and MS in Dietetics and 1200 hours of supervised practice through Eastern Michigan University. When she is not helping clients succeed, she is enjoying deep breaths in the sun or off on a nature hike in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hundreds of clients today are happier and healthier after working with Gayatri to resolve their brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, and gastrointestinal symptoms. Gayatri uses a step-by-step, 3 Body Systems approach to provide a clear understanding of stress reactions, GI functioning, and how to properly detox to restore health. Gayatri understands what it’s like to go through trauma and then need to take some time to reassess and recover from the stress that occurs in the body. She loves to work with individuals who are ready to take control of their symptoms and put in the work it takes to achieve a healthier life. 

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