I Was Drinking a Lot of Water & Still Felt Dehydrated. Here’s What I Did.

by | Jul 2, 2020

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Not long ago, I found myself drinking roughly three liters of water daily and constantly using the bathroom. My lips were dry, my skin was dry, I had headaches and I was always thirsty. And then it dawned on me. I was drinking “dead” water.

As with everything we put into our bodies, quality matters when it comes to our water. Because of all the possible contaminants found in tap water, drinking filtered water is the only way you can ensure you are not taking in extra toxins while hydrating. This is why both Cindi and I drink reverse osmosis water. Reverse osmosis is the most effective filtration method that allows only pure water to get through and nothing else. It removes over 99% of things like heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides, prescription medications, microbes, bacteria, plus other contaminants.

Well that sounds great, right? Pure, clean water.

What we need to realize is, that hydration doesn’t just occur from drinking water. It occurs due to the correct balance of water and minerals in our bodies. Our cells need help absorbing the water and therefore keeping our bodies hydrated. And this is where I was falling short– there was no mineral support in my reverse osmosis water and why I felt so dehydrated despite drinking sufficient water.

So, after this discovery, I have since reintroduced minerals into my water. There are lots of forms of minerals on the market, but I have two brands at home that I switch between:

  • Concentrace Minerals (Trace Minerals Research)– I find this one on Amazon, and costs $21.99 per 8 oz.
  • Polar Mins (Premier Research Labs) – You can find this one on Fullscript, and through Cindi’s account, you can get it at the price of $14.99 for 8 oz. (With her 25% discount to members.)

While both of these will adjust the taste of your water slightly, I find that I enjoy the taste of Polar Mins more than Concentrace. (It is more of a subtle taste in my opinion.) Since adding the minerals back into my water, I find that I don’t need to drink as much to feel hydrated and I’m not running to the bathroom nearly as often.

Our bodies are always talking to us; it is our job to listen!

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