It’s what you do MOST of the time that matters.

by | Aug 7, 2020

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Long-term habits are really what changes us.  Sure, you can get results from a 10-day detox or a 30-day program but remember it’s what you do most of the time, long-term, that impacts your overall health and wellness.

Over and over again, you’ll hear Cindi and I preach the 80/20 approach – which means that 80% of the time, you’re intentionally taking the steps to improve your health.  And then the other 20% of the time, you engage in activities that may not directly add to your overall health, but certainly provide you an opportunity to sway off course without any detriment to your long-term goals.  (I’m talking about that margarita with your girlfriends or indulging in a movie marathon one day).  Or maybe that 20% is comprised of time when you just don’t have access to your usual healthy resources (food, water, activity, personal products, or maybe your quiet meditation space). The point is, whether you’re thinking about changing your diet, personal products, exercise routine, or mindful habits, the 80/20 rule applies for creating lasting change.  To put this in more perspective when it comes to eating, you can sway from your plan 20% of the time (4 meals a week) without negatively impacting your long-term success.

This is exactly why we created our 12-week lifestyle-based detox program, Refresh & Reset.  We want to support as many of you as possible in creating long lasting lifestyle changes that bring you energy and more LIFE.  Let’s face it, resources can be limited right now during the pandemic (i.e. finances and time).  We want more people to have access to our guidance to help them live life vibrantly, long-term, in a cost-effective and enjoyable way.  We chose to cover topics like nutrition, movement/activity, environmental toxins, mental health, gut health, stress and sleep because they all work together.  You certainly don’t have to change all of them at once (in fact, we encourage you to take it at your speed), however, most people find that as they change one area of their wellbeing, it bleeds into the next, making it an easy transition. And assuring that you not only know WHAT changes to make, but WHY to make them is one of the most important things to us.  In this program, you’ll learn what the research says and how these things impact your overall health.  Plus, we offer practical action steps to put into practice!

If you’re sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired and want the real solution, then this program is for you.  If you feel victim to your genes, this program is for you.  If you are overwhelmed by all the health information out there and want somebody to tell you plain and simple what it would take to change your health (based on research), then this program is for you.

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Integrative & Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner

I truly believe we need not fall victim to our family’s genetics. Rather, we have the choice and power to direct the destiny of our health and weight, based on the way we eat, move and live our life. I’m here to help you navigate that journey.

Seeing and hearing the results from my clients is what brings me to work every day. There’s nothing better than a client telling me they no longer suffer from the symptoms that plagued them for years and that their healthy journey was so easy and enjoyable.